The Official Dos Guys Website     It all began on January 5th, 1993. 

The lovingly-blistered fingers of Robb Anagnostis and Eric Solomon reached across Columbus and created smiles,
two ears at a time.

Many have wondered "How can just TWO MEN emit the large presence of sound that emanates from Dos Guys stages from the early days through today"?  Only Robb and Eric, of Dos Guys know for certain

UNO GUY ALERT! - Dos Guys can now be seen in solo performances around Columbus.

An acclaimed Rock Expert says this of Dos Guys
, "Just like the Beatles and Kiss before them, these great rockers are embarking on a series of solo outings.  No doubt this will inspire some of the greatest music of the coming new millennium".

Dos Gigs of Dos Guys



This is a little piece I call
"Weird Storm in the Desert"










Robb's Note

The Very Few Gigs Left



Crown Sports LoungeSat Oct 30, 1999
Crown Sports LoungeSat Nov 20, 1999

Don't miss 'em!
(Sorry, they're all gone now.)

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Planks in Grove CityFri Nov 5
Crown Sports Lounge Sat Dec 11

"Thank you all very much for listening to Dos Guys through the years. I've really enjoyed the opportunity to indulge in my nervous habits in front of, and to the enjoyment of, so many"- Robb 




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